Q. What is the purpose of the VH AWARD?
A. The VH AWARD is Asia’s leading award for media artists. Marking its fifth edition this year, the VH AWARD aims to support emerging Asian media artists who look into the future and share new stories about it.
Q. What are the benefits of applying for the VH AWARD?
A. The five finalists will be given the opportunity to participate in the Eyebeam online residency and exhibit their works on various global art platforms. The finalists will also receive $25,000 (USD) to produce their artworks . The final Grand Prix winner will receive an additional reward of $25,000 (USD).
Q. How many are selected?
A. A total of five finalists are selected for each edition, among which one Grand Prix winner is determined.
Q. Can I be disqualified after being selected as the five finalists?
A. If any submitted works illustrate acts of counterfeiting or plagiarism, the applicant will be excluded from the final selection and/or result in the cancellation of the award. The applicant will assume full liability for any infraction of this policy.
Q. I want to know more about the Eyebeam online residency program.
A. Eyebeam was established in 1998, as a resource for artists to engage creatively with technology in an experimental setting. Eyebeam has opened its breadth of support to equitably compensate over 125 artists each year through its diverse programming. Eyebeam has committed to amplifying the voices of artists, inventors, designers, and engineers who show us the horizon of what is possible, creating space for them to imagine the future. Society’s ever-shifting relationship to technology can be charted through the work of those that have come through our doors over the past two decades. Now more than ever, Eyebeam radically centers artists in the cultural conversation, giving them the support to both interrogate and re-imagine what technology can be and who it is for. Eyebeam plans to build from the successes of this online program in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Group, intended to support five finalists to the 5th VH AWARD.
Q. If I want to participate in a different online residency program other than Eyebeam, am I allowed to do so?
A. No, the VH AWARD only supports participation in the Eyebeam online residency program.
Q. Can I participate in programs or mentors from the Eyebeam online residency selectively?
A. No, it is mandatory for all five finalists to participate in all sessions of the Eyebeam online residency.
Q. Can I get information on the type of screen the artwork will be presented in advance?
A. Further details of the screen and the exhibitions will be announced separately to the five finalists in the future. You may find more information on the previous finalists’ exhibitions on ARCHIVE.
Q. When and where will the VH AWARD ceremony be held?
A. Further details of the 5th VH AWARD ceremony will be announced later on.
Q. I want to learn more about the VH AWARD Organizing Committee.
A. The VH AWARD is hosted by Hyundai Motor Group. If you have any inquiries, please contact the VH AWARD Organizing Committee via email (vhaward.official@gmail.com).
Q. How do I apply for the VH AWARD?
A. Applications are available online from May 26 to July 28 2022 KST. (The schedule is subject to change) ENTRY
Q. Who is eligible to apply for the VH AWARD?
A. VH AWARD is open to all Asian artists engaged with the context of Asia and its futures. Any Asian artist can apply regardless of experience, occupation, age, current residential area, educational background, etc. You can apply as an individual, group, collective or association. ENTRY
Q. Are there any restrictions on the entries?
A. Only new artworks that have not been previously submitted to or exhibited in other awards/exhibitions/events can take part in the VH AWARD.
Q. Can I apply more than once?
A. You may apply multiple times individually and as a group or association with different artworks. (You cannot apply more than once with the same artwork.)
Q. What do I need to submit to apply for the 5th VH AWARD?
A. You must submit an Interview Portfolio Film, Curriculum Vitae & Artist Statement and a New Artwork Proposal. All materials must be submitted in English. (All non-English language entries must include English subtitles.) ENTRY
Q. Do I need to submit the Interview Portfolio in a video format only?
A. The Interview Portfolio Film must be in a video format and can be uploaded to Vimeo and/or YouTube and submitted as links. ENTRY
Q. Can I submit an artwork I produced as a group project as my portfolio?
A. Yes, but make sure to indicate it as a group/collective artwork in your portfolio, and include the group’s name and the production date of the artwork.
Q. Can I change the production direction of my artwork after being selected as the five finalists?
A. The finalists cannot change the production direction of their artworks after submitting the Updated Production Plan.
Q. What are the evaluation criteria?
A. The evaluation criteria are Originality and Aesthetics, Compelling Conception and Innovation, Quality of Presentation, and Sophisticated Employment of Technology.
Q. Where can I find the information on the juries for the 5th VH AWARD?
A. You can find the information on the juries for the 5th VH AWARD here: JURY & NOMINATORS
Q. Can I drop out during the artwork production support period after being selected as the five finalists?
A. If you wish to drop out due to personal reasons, please contact the VH AWARD Organizing Committee via email (vhaward.official@gmail.com).
Q. If I decide to drop out, do I need to return the production fee?
A. If you decide to drop out due to personal reasons, you must return the full amount of the production fee you have received.